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In addition to a customized commercial approach, Ecostal, as a wholesaler for global renewable energy solutions, can propose to its clients all logistics services and a complete technical support.
A full technical assistance, either for the calculation of an installation or for a more specific technical advice, is insured by professionals. As Ecostal’s engagement goes far beyond selling, we offer a quality after-sales service to support the installers in finding a quick and efficient solution.
Since 2012, Ecostal has a specialized cell in charge of industrial projects. Our intervention is totally customized depending on the request and the experience of the installer. We can equally advise on a precise technical or administrative aspect or guide your company through the very whole process from the beginning till the end.
Regular professional trainings are organized by Ecostal to ensure their customers access to up-to-date information about new products.
Ecostal has two logistics points, one in Belgium (Liege District) and one in Luxembourg, with a total storage capacity of 3.000 m².
This logistic organization allows a delivery within 24 hours everywhere in Belgium.
All our deliveries are ensured by our own trucks or quality sub-contractors. To answer efficiently to any request of its clients, Ecostal possesses 2 vehicles of different load capacity, one of which is a highly ecological Mercedes Antos.
The flexibility of our logistic gives us the opportunity to meet all kind of delivery requests, from providing a full container of solar panels to an industrial location, to delivering
a complete photovoltaic kit (panels/inverter/mounting
systems/accessories) directly to a smaller residential